Announcing the First Walk-in Cardiac Center in the Area

Cardiac symptoms are difficult to evaluate and generate great concern in patients and medical providers. They may be warning symptoms of a serious cardiac condition, or totally benign. They are best evaluated by cardiologists trained to diagnose and treat them.

Designed specifically to serve cardiac patients who require immediate care.

Central Connecticut Cardiologists (CCC) Prompt Cardiac Care Center (PCCC) located at 19 Woodland Street, Suite 35 has been established to assist in the evaluation of patients with cardiac symptoms. It is the only walk-in cardiac clinic in the area. The Walk-in Center is specifically designed to serve patients who require immediate attention for non-life threatening chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations and rapid heart rate.

CCC Prompt Cardiac Care Center was created by converting a portion of our medical office into a rapid evaluation unit with telemetry. The patient evaluated in the PCCC is initially triage by a cardiac nurse. Blood work and an electrocardiogram are performed and the patient is then seen by a Boardcertified cardiologist. Patient evaluations may include exercise stress testing, nuclear stress testing and/or ectocuneiforms all performed at the PCCC office.

A faster, more targeted alternative to the ED.

Central Connecticut Cardiologists started the PCCC after concluding that many patients sent to local hospital emergency departments would have been evaluated more rapidly if they had been seen in our office. Many of the patients presenting to the ED with chest pain or shortness of breath are admitted to an observation status within the hospital. They may spend up to 48 hours completing testing. In our unit, the patient can be evaluated by a cardiologist and with the availability of imaging and blood testing complete their workup rapidly, usually within a few hours. In most cases, patients can be sent home, avoiding an unnecessary, costly admission. If a patient must be admitted to the hospital, they will be admitted directly to the cardiac floor rather than sending them to the ER. Whether sent home or admitted, our PCCC eliminates costly emergency room visits.

Trained and Board-Certified Cardiac Staff.

During non-holiday weekdays we always have an interventional cardiologist in hospital, as well as another cardiologist. This assures an efficient hospital admission and timely cardiac intervention, if necessary. As an added benefit, we have an electrophysiologist in our group to assist in complex arrhythmia cases.

The PCCC is also available for pre-operative evaluation and clearance when needed.

Please call our office for further information about our capabilities and cardiac testing procedures.

Primary Care Providers please call our PROVIDER ONLY DIRECT LINE 860-525-8901.